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Dear Team, Clients, and Partners,
Contracting work has always been a key engine for national advancement and growth. Since the early '80s, TBFC has played a pivotal role in Egypt’s sustainable development, particularly through participating in strategic airport and infrastructure projects. Over the past four decades, our secret formula for successfully honoring our contractual agreements is simple and rests on five main pillars:
A proficient engineering and design office - Careful cooperation and coordination with project stakeholders - Making available the right calibers and equipment for each project - Delivering works as per planned schedules and conforming to necessary required testing - Finally, fulfilling and exceeding all our contract warranty agreements
TBFC has developed exceptional engineering and execution capabilities in tarmac and runway lighting, infrastructure, and power substations. Whether it’s a government agency entrusting us with a sensitive project or a foreign supplier tendering his products and reputation through our work, TBFC partners have time and again attested to their satisfaction through certificates, recurring works, and invaluable long-term partnerships.

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40 Years of innovative engineering

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The Points We Have Chosen To Highlight In The Above Historical Diagram Are Just A Slight Representation Of Many -Sometimes Easy. Other Times Difficult- Stepping Stones Our Company Has Experienced On The Way To Carve A Proper Place On The Notional Ana International Contracting Map.


Vision And Mission

To be customers’ number one choice for pragmatic contracting and trading services In Africa and The Middle east
TBFC engineers smart, reliable solutions with dedication to the highest effective and efficient market benchmarks, delivering to our valuable customers a new added value with every new project.

Business Life Value


For Over 40 Years, TBFC Has Succeeded At Keeping Up With, And Exceeding, The Ever Dynamic Requirements Of Our Clients, And Of Regulatory Authorities. Likewise, A Deeply Rooted Health And Safety Culture Benefits The Most Precious Of Our Assets, Our Team, As Well As Equipment, Property, 3rd Parties, And The Environment We Work In.



As A Blessed Son Of The Zero-Error Tolerance Aviation Industry Family, TBFC Has Quality As An Inherently Engrained Aspect Of Its Operational And Final Product DNA. TBFC’s Strong Sense Of CSR Has Long Preceded The Market And Industry’s Movement. Whether The Inner Project Environment, Or The Local Village’s That Hosts That Project, TBFC Tries Its Best To Go Beyond Its Contractual Obligations Ensuring A Positive Everlasting Impacts On Its Inner And Outer Project Environments Comprising All Stakeholders.

Business Life Value


TBFC’s Name Has Always Been Synonymous With Integrity, Innovation And Quality. Only Achievable Through Ethical Dealings, TBFC Upholds Its Reputation And People Well Beyond Any Financial Gains. We Strongly Believe That Hiring Locally, Developing Projects Communities, Continuously Training, Buying Where We Break Ground…Championing The Human Beings In And Around Our Projects Pays Back One Way Or Another


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High Quality Services Of Multiple Industries

For Over 40 Years, TBFC Nos Worked With The Egyptian Government On_ Strategic Projects Scattered All Over Egypt Whether A Military Or Civilian Airport In The New Administrative Capitol Ag Power Substation In Hurghada.

Design & Build

Project Management

Construction Management

Supply, Applications & Commissioning

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For Over 40 Years, TBFC Nos Worked With Tne Egyptian Government On_ Strategic Projects Scattered All Over Egypt Whether A Military Or Civillan Airport In The New Aoministrative Capitol Ag Power Substation In Hurghada.