The Egyptian company for airports head quarters

The Egyptian company for airports head quarters

In the past five years the civil aviation ministry has taken huge steps in the development path; this development has reached all levels of the pillar companies of the ministry. TBFC has the pride to participate in this development by taking the responsibility of building the new headquarters for the Egyptian company for airports. The huge building comes on a space of 5,600 m2 with another 22,400 m2 external landscape, parking and service facilities.

The building is three floors structure includes:-

  • VIP main entrance
  • Employees entrance
  • Chairman lounge
  • Vice chairman lounge
  • Main conference hall [350 person]
  • Main meeting room   [40 person]
  • 6 meeting rooms
  • 15 sector head room
  • 19 employee hall
  • 2 multiuse hall
  • 120 employee office

The building security is guaranteed by the CC-TV system that covers the whole building beside the fire alarm-fire fighting systems that assure the company safety. Each and every room in the building is equipped by essential and advanced facilities such as lighting and power according to the international standards, analogue telephone network and digital information technology network which connects the whole building together and allows the easy connection to the remote airports. The electromechanical facilities of the project are considered a separate project each such as: electrical substation building which supports the building with power of 3.2 Mega-Watt and the firefighting station which contains the fire fighting pumps that supply 1000 GMP against 115 PSI to assure the company safety.

Some facts about the huge project:-

  • The building contains more than 11,500 m2 ceramic, marble and granite
  • The building contains more than 1,275 power outlet
  • The building contains more than 5,500 lamp
  • The building contains more than 11,000 m conduits

Since the project started in 2006 till it was handed over in 2010 none of the participating personnel got harmed or committed any action against the environment.

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